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Feb 29, 2024

Welcome to the February version of our Changelog.

This month was all about leveling up the game for admins. 💪

We’ve released power-packed features that focus on better insights and visibility so that admins can focus more on improving performance and pipeline.

From time travel in Relays to the new and improved team availability view, we are excited to share a ton of exciting updates.

Huge shoutout to the Engineering heroes who are working at lightning speed to bring all these fantastic feature updates! 🎉

Let’s dive right in.

1. Get a bird’s eye view of your team’s availability - in any timezone you want

February Update

Find out who is available and when. In any timezone. Easily.

With the revamped Team Availability page on RevenueHero, you can easily view and manage all your team members’ availability, across multiple timezones, in one compact and convenient view.

This makes it so much easier for team managers especially to find out who is available at a specific time and region without having to individually go to each team member’s profile to do so. You can also view the current time for each team member which removes the need for any mental math and confusion.

In the event, you need to adjust the availability of any of your team members, just click on the edit icon next to their time.

But most of all, the UX team did a kickass job to ensure providing sufficient availability for prospects at any given time is a breeze.

Go try it out and let us know! 👀

2. All-time data export from the Routing Log

February Update

The devil is in the data, amirite?

You know the RevenueHero Routing Log and you know how it gives you a record of every single form fill that is connected to your routers and helps understand the outcome of each form fill and the reason for each.

Up until now, you could access and export the Routing Log for only a few months back. And if data was required that dated beyond that, our team helped with it on an ad-hoc basis.

As much as we love our Slack conversations, sometimes we know you’d rather just click a button. :D

We have now enabled the export of Routing Log that dates back to the very start. You can choose the required time duration in the drop-down and get the CSV version of the report sent to your email.

The upside to this is you can import all this historical data via the CSV into other tools that you use for data analysis and report creation. It’ll help you track performance, monitor changes, compare results across time periods, and take prompt action where necessary.

3. UTM parameters are now supported for RevenueHero meetings

February Update

Do we hear a cheer from the MarkOps and Demand Gen folks?

You can now map UTM parameters to all your RevenueHero meeting links. The identified UTM values will be mapped to your CRM, making it easier to track where your leads came from. Was it that LinkedIn campaign from last week or an outbound email you sent today?

The UTM settings apply to all the meeting links powered by RevenueHero, like your personal meeting links, group meeting links, relay links, and even your campaign routers.

This allows you to attribute meeting sources no matter how they’re booked.

4. Time travel mode in Relays

February Update

Time Travel? What? How?

Here’s the rundown. Time Travel allows you to add multiple time zones to your relay calendar as you’re booking a meeting. This makes it super easy to see availabilities in the context of multiple time zones in one place. No more Googling and finding a common time across various geographies.

February Update

There’s more. You can also toggle between a full week and work week view now while booking a Relay meeting. The work week view looks more spacious and is just another protective layer to ensure you don’t book a meeting on a weekend accidentally.

5. Pull reports from custom date ranges

February Update

RevenueHero now lets you view conversion and distribution reports from a custom data range, no longer limiting to you a few pre-set options. This is beneficial when you need to compare the performance between a specific time range and see what’s working and what’s not to make the necessary tweaks.

February Update

Additionally, you can also easily filter your conversion and distribution reports based on quarters now.

6. App reauthorization flow for users

February Update

Users whose calendar/video conferencing tool is integrated with RevenueHero will now get a notification (in the form of a red banner on the top) informing them if any of the app authorizations have expired.

RevenueHero proactively prompts users to reauthorize the integration and helps admins keep track of any reauthorization issues amongst all users.

It also gives admins a way to check if a rep not getting a meeting assigned can be attributed to their calendar/video conferencing tool integration’s authorization being expired.

February Update

With this new update to the RevenueHero Chrome Extension, the RevenueHero command menu in the Gmail compose box will populate all your meeting links and slots and not just Relay meetings.

That’s right. You don’t need to open your Chrome Extension each time and copy meeting links.

You can share personal meeting links, campaign router links, and even embed meeting slots directly in your email content from the RevenueHero command menu. It really is that easy and simple.

8. Send your meeting data to any app, with Webhooks

We have now added Webhook as an action item to workflows which can be chosen based on set triggers. In simpler terms, you can now send meeting data to whichever tool your Webhook is linked to when a particular meeting trigger occurs.

For example, in all instances when a prospect does not book a meeting, you can use Webhook to send the data to your CRM and pull up reports to analyze why those meetings were not booked.

Here’s our detailed help doc on Webhooks, in case you need more information.

9. Centralise meeting templates and workflows across your RevenueHero account

February Update

Meeting types are critical to the creation of workflows, we know that, and you know that.

So far, you could only add meeting types to your inbound routers, campaign routers, and relays. Which essentially meant that workflows could only be created for them.

But now, we have enabled the selection of meeting types for personal and group meeting links as well. Not only do you get to configure settings such as duration, buffers, and invite texts for your meeting links, but you can also set up workflows for your personal and group meeting links.

You can choose the meeting type from the drop-down menu in the “Create Personal Meeting Link” pop-up. Easy-peasy!

You can also map existing personal meeting links to a global meeting type.

10. @mention Slack members about important events using Workflows

February Update

Last but not least, RevenueHero now has the option that lets you notify specific members from a Slack channel as a part of the action when a particular trigger occurs.

For example, you have a Slack channel with all your SDRs and the Sales Manager. But your Sales Manager is not a user on RevenueHero but still wants to be in the know of all the meetings that are getting booked.

You can now set up a workflow where in the event a prospect books a meeting, you can send a message to the Slack channel, along with a message, and the option to tag specific members who will be notified.

And with that, we’ve reached the end of all the new and happening product updates of Feb! Catch you in the next announcement.

Until then, if you need any assistance, reach out via Slack or drop us an email.

Improvements & Fixes
  1. We’ve improved the performance when booking a “Relays” meeting right from calendar syncing to managing busy slots.

  2. Previously, if a user is not part of a Relay the “Book a Relay Meeting” button would be hidden for them. To help eliminate any confusion behind why, we have now made the button visible to all users.

    Users who are not part of Relay and click on the button will see a pop-up that lets them know that they need to be part of a Relay to book a meeting.

  3. Subdomains are now removed from the RevenueHero app. This means that all access will be only via and not

  4. We have added empty states to each section of our product which allows the users to better understand the RevenueHerio terminology as well as the most common use cases for the particular feature/capability.

  5. When the RevenueHero scheduler is embedded into the website and a user presses the back button in the browser after booking a meeting via the scheduler, there was an issue of a duplicate meeting being booked. This has now been resolved and in such situations, users are redirected to the post-meeting booking redirect URL setup in the router.

  6. We’ve added America/Atlanta to the list of time zones supported by RevenueHero.

  7. The preview size of invite emails in meeting types has been fixed to a much more optimal viewing size.

  8. When a router is deleted, the view router button in the routing log has been disabled.

  9. RevenueHero meeting slots now display the correct time depending on the timezone when sharing them. Earlier it would pull up the time slots based on the browser time and if a user was sharing slots in a different timezone to their browser, they would see incorrect values. This has now been fixed.

  10. Users can be deleted by admins after searching for them in the search bar.

  11. We have now added to meeting links to help the videos uploaded in Personal Meeting Links and Group Meeting Links load in Safari.

  12. It is now mandatory for Okta users to choose their calendar tool when onboarding, compared to before Google Calendar would get selected automatically and Outlook users could not select Outlook Calendar.

  13. We have added support for the +00:00 timezone in RevenueHero.

  14. Clicking on the profile icon on the top right of the navbar will no longer redirect you to the profile page in Settings but instead will show you a dropdown menu with the options of either going to ‘My Profile’ or ‘Sign Out’.

  15. We have fixed the leakage of CSS from our Chrome extension to other apps. Styles of tooltips in other apps are no longer broken when using the extension.

  16. When a user updates their profile, the working hours would get auto-populated based on the availability set. However, an issue with the timezone updation was causing the working hours to be calculated wrong and resulted in meetings getting booked outside the user’s working hours. This issue has now been resolved.