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Jan 31, 2024
January 2024 Product Updates

The first changelog of 2024 is here! And it’s time to jump right in and discover all the amazing launches and updates that went live in January.

1. Collective Round Robin - Cause it takes an entire team to win a deal


Our excitement is through the roof for this one. And rightly so.

RevenueHero’s Collective Round Robin lets you round-robin, pair members from two teams, and display common times to prospects.

“Wait… Can this be right? Round robin more than one team, display common time slots, and add them to the meeting?” We hear you. And yep, you read that right.

If you run a technical demo and haven’t been able to add your SEs to your first call without your AEs doing the manual work of finding who is available at the same time, this is the solution you’re looking for.

This has been a highly sought-after capability by GTM teams who sell technical products to enterprise customers so they have all the right people at the meeting.

And if you’re a RevenueHero customer you can set it up in 5 minutes and have your A team on the call without your AE juggling calendars.

The best part? You can set up Collective Round Robin to run on any channel— be it by email, on the website after form submissions, or even from within the app.

Collective round robin

Let’s take a look at the most popular scenarios where RevenueHero’s Collective Round Robin can have a big impact.

(1) When you have to add a Solutions Engineer on the first call

If you are selling a complex product you might want to have a solutions engineer with your account executive on the first call to handle any technical questions.

Better to leave the technical details to the tech expert, am I right?

(2) When you have to set up implementation calls

If your implementation starts after a deal is won, your account executive can share a link to set up the implementation call along with the implementation manager.

(3) When you onboard via email sequences

If you send onboarding emails with RevenueHero’s Magic Links, ensure you have your A-Team on the call for your most important accounts by including an onboarding specialist and a sales rep.

(4) When you have to renew contracts

If you are setting up calls to discuss account health and contract renewals, this is a great way to include your account executive and your CSM from the get-go.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of how you can set up collective round-robin on RevenueHero. For more assistance, reach out to us on Slack and we’ll help you set it up.

2. Time zone search in the RevenueHero Scheduler

You can now search for time zones in the RevenueHero scheduler using capital cities. For example, when you search for Madrid, you’ll automatically get the corresponding time zone, CET. Because let’s be honest, it’s less annoying to search for a city you know instead of doing mental mathematics.

3. Translation support

Collective round robin

RevenueHero now offers translation support across Personal Meeting Links, Relays, and Magic Links.

When we launched our region-based, native scheduling experience at the end of last year, it was only for inbound routers. But now this capability is available across all your routers and meeting links to help you engage in the language of your prospects.

It’s like we’re breaking language barriers left and right! 🌐

4. Individual routing log for every router

Collective round robin

Some folks preferred adding filters to the Routing Log and viewing the nitty gritties of where each prospect came from. But others spent time within the router and had to go back and forth to view these details. If you’re one of those folks in the other camp, this one’s for you. The latest update lets you access the Routing Log specific to a router in 1 click. Easy peasy.

Improvements & Fixes
  1. Chrome extension support has been added for more Outlook domains such as and

  2. Asia/Hebron has been added to our timezone list. Now our clocks are totally vibing with that Asia/Hebron groove! 🌏

  3. Prospect names in the routing log will show the values as entered rather than capitalizing them, which prevents confusion when filtering users.

  4. Get this: with the Chrome extension, there were moments when sharing personal meeting links would make the whole screen freeze when switching time zones. Major bummer, right? Well, good news! We’ve totally squashed that bug now. Smooth sailing from here on out! 🕒🚀

  5. When it comes to distribution pods, you’ll now see the total members showcasing only the active users. No more clutter with deleted users in the mix – keeping it clean and straightforward is how we roll.

That’s all for now folks! Catch you in the next announcement. Until then, if you need any assistance, reach out via Slack or drop us an email.